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About Us

The Vision

To Increase access to natural products for everyone...

The Mission

Our goal is to make natural goods affordable for everyone by simplifying processes that would make it too costly to process them, while maintaining the effectiveness and attractive qualities of synthetic materials.

Team Tapera

Mutoba Ngoma

The Managing Director of Tapera Industries Limited is a founding member of the business.

He established the business after a brief work history as an Aircraft Technician at a local airline in Zambia. His background is in aeronautical engineering which he studied at Central Sussex College in the UK. He is a registered Technologist at the Engineers Institution of Zambia.

Edna Bwalya Ngoma

The Board Secretary of Tapera Industries Limited is a founding member of the company.

She joined the business as it was starting up and managed the establishment of the procurement process as well as developed production systems for the soap section.

Her background is as a Tax enforcement officer at the zambia Revenue Authority. Her other activity is the running of a charity center for widows and orphans.

Mr. Chisha Apo Mwila

He is Tapera's business manager in charge of running the Tapa Chinkondia subsidiary of the company.  

His experience stems from working with rural communities in product and market development with the Alliance for Youth Entreprenuers (AYE) and the International Labour Office (ILO).

The Business


Tapera Industries Limited, is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the jurisdiction of the Republic Of Zambia, at the Patents And Companys Registration Agency (PACRA)


Tapera Industries Limited was established in 2009 as a pilot project to assess the feasibility of the ‘business of biodiesel production’ in Zambia. As of December 2013 Tapera has produced  and sold over 300,000 litres of biodiesel derived from used cooking oil, which has been supplied as a cheaper alternative to fossil diesel.

In 2014, the business re established it focus to secure reliable raw materials for biofuels production and partnered with MUSIKA agriculture initiatives to work with small scale farmers out growers to cultivate and supply jatropha crops to our facility for biofuels production.

Tapera has since expanded its business of aggregating and processing vegetable oil seeds into vegetable oils for technical and cosmetic uses. Through its subsidiary Tapa Natural Chinkondia, the company produces natural soaps for body and hair, using the vegetable oil produced as the soaps main raw material. Excess vegetable oils are exported to clients in the region for the production of biodiesel fuel