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Tapera Range of goods

Tapa Natural Chinkondia soap

Tapa Soap is made with pure plant oils, mainly Palm oil which contains the common form of Vitamin E, tocopherol, which has been used to treat many skin ailments. Tapa also contains a refatting agent that restores the hair and skin natural oils

RRP: 7 ZMK per 150g

Jatropha grain commodity

This invaluable oil bearing seed that produces a vegetable oil with endless applications similar to that of castor bean oil. As an aggregator and processor of the jatropha crop in Zambia, we stockpile jatropha grain regularly for processing. 

Our capacity is to stock pile up to 50 tons per month for our regular operations.

Upon request we can increase our purchasing frequency to match the market demand.

Price: 3,000 ZMK / Ton

Energy crop out grower management

We provide extensive outreach to over 1000 small scale farmers through out Zambia eastern province. The farmers are primarily growing jatropha seed for bio diesel production for our selected clientele