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Products and Services

Tapa Natural Chinkondia soap

Our soap  is hand crafted with blended  vegetable fats as an all purpose soap to cleanse most types of skin to treat acne, pimples, ring worms, eczema.

Our soap is regularly tested by the Zambia Bureau of Standards regulating authority for compliance to the ZABS ZS:056 standards.

RRP: 7 ZMK / 150g

Jatropha grain commodity

This invaluable oil bearing seed that produces a vegetable oil with endless applications similar to that of castor bean oil. 

As an aggregator and processor of the jatropha crop in Zambia, we stockpile jatropha grain regularly for processing. 

Our capacity is to stock pile up to 50 tons per month for our regular operations.

Upon request we can increase our purchasing frequency to match the market demand.

Price: 3,000 ZMK / Ton

Crude Jatropha and Sunflower vegetable oil

We process oil seed as well as provide contract oil expelling services at our Chipata site where we are able to process 5 Metric tons of oil seeds and extract vegetable oils.

The crude oils that we produce are ideal for cosmetic uses, biofuels production and for cooking after further refining (sunflower oil)

Price: 9 ZMK /Litre

Jatropha Cake Manure (Organic Fertiliser)

 The oil cakes are rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and can be used as a bio-fertilizer. As an average, the following ratio can be used. N 4, P 1, K 1.5 . This means that in 1 kg seedcake you find 4 % N (= 40 grams) etc. Compared with other organic fertilizers (chicken, cow, palm bunch) this is a good value. However, seedcake contains a lot more organic matter than the other organic fertilizers and therefore the results (especially on poor tropical soils) will be much better. (SOURCE: https://jatropha.pro/seedcake-as-fertilizer/)

By using our jatropha seed cake as organic feriliser, soil rehapbilitation of spent fields can be accomplished and revived for further usage, which can also mitigate the need for deforestation for farming purposes, hence preventing climate change.

                                                                                                                                        Price: 400 ZMK / Ton